The Perception of Time

by Alan Babbitt

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What is time anyway?
And why does it seem to go faster as we get older?
This seems unfair or cruel, or at the very least, poor design!
It got me thinking about what, if anything I could do about it.
Which led to this song.


The Perception of Time
by Alan Babbitt

I watch the time go by --- too fast.
I feel the future fly --- into the past.
Time goes slow – when you’re young – God knows.
But when you get older – the faster – time goes.

Whether you’re a woman or a man – it doesn’t matter.
You really ought to have a plan – to live life – while you can.
So don’t waste a day – put it in play --– you’ve got - to find - a way
To take charge of your fate – don’t hesitate – before it’s too late.

So strange - the perception of time
Seems it’s all in our mind.
Electro-chemically entwined
It’s a bit of an existential bind

Put priorities in play. How you spend your time – each day.
Pick what makes you whole – pick what feeds your soul.
Pick the best – kick the rest - away.

You’ve got to listen to yourself – those inner voices
They’ll help to lead you to your own best choices – and hold on
Hold on to those you love – the folks you’re fondest of
They’ll help - you find – your way
Their love will keep you high – no need to wonder why
Just let your spirit fly.

If we didn’t have linear time.
We’d be caught in a strange paradigm.
A multi reality crunch.
Where everything is happening at once.

So if your time goes by – too fast
If your days and weeks and months – don’t last
Time can be your friend - if it’s time you spend
In the now, not the future, not the past
The now, not the future, not the past
The now, not the future, not the past


released December 20, 2016
Music, Lyrics, Performance by Alan Babbitt
Mastering by Christopher Krotky, SoundWire Music



all rights reserved


Alan Babbitt Music California

"Alan Babbitt is a clever songsmith with some very original statements to make."
-- Ted Myers
- music biz veteran, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Broadjam pro reviewer

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