Let's Change The Game!

by Alan Babbitt Music

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“Let’s Change The Game” by Alan Babbitt is a modern protest song and a call to action. It’s quirky, humorous and thought provoking as it takes a poke at the news media and at Congress, both quite worthy of protest.

“We don’t need anymore of that same old, lame old”

So let’s Change The Game!



Lyrics - Let's Change the Game

I don't read the papers, I don't watch the news
It makes my blood just boil, or it brings on the blues.
It's the same old stories, again and again
And it's our prime time we spend.

They shout "breaking news!"
Ha ha - that's really a joke.
The news can't be breaking, because it's already broke.
Numbing pictures and sound
Dumbing us down.
Maybe it's time we awoke.

  It seems we used to be much smarter
  A little of that still remains.
  But nowadays, in many ways, things are harder.
  The daily bombarding of trash may be starting
  to mess with our hearts and our brains.


     So let's change the game.
     We don't need any more of that same old, lame old
     We can change the game.

Now the members of Congress love to hear themselves talk.
They're hot air buffoons – they squabble and squawk.
They find lots to pee on, but little to agree on
They can talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

And don't get me started on campaign finance
It's a deal with the devil, A hellish romance.
If we all said no more, it be hard to ignore
We really need to break up this dance.

     So let's change the game.
     We don't need any more of that same old, lame old
     We can change the game.

Get the money out of politics – A damn good place to start.
Put people in office who come from their heart

Memo to the media and their yackety-yacks
Stick with the truth and don't mess with the facts

Do away with lobbyists, that arm twisting bunch
No more perks, no more gifts
Buy your own damn lunch

(Soaring voices and lead guitar)

So let's change the game.

Fade out


released September 20, 2015
Music, lyrics and performance by Alan Babbitt



all rights reserved


Alan Babbitt Music California

"Alan Babbitt is a clever songsmith with some very original statements to make."
-- Ted Myers
- music biz veteran, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Broadjam pro reviewer

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