Dogs Do What Dogs Do

by Alan Babbitt

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This is a humorous song about an experience that’s not very funny at the time.

It may be the only song ever written about the subject - although most of us can relate to it.

It’s a simple tune about dogs, their owners and those innocent, but unlucky pedestrians who should probably pay more attention to where they’re walking.



Keep Your Head Down
Music and Lyrics by Alan Babbitt

I was walking down the street when I happened to spy.

A mean lookin’ dog with a glint in his eye.

He was sniffing and looking and trying to find.

A comfortable place where to stick his behind.

Well he looked all around to see who was there.

In the middle of the sidewalk, his tail in the air.

And then when he saw he had everyone's eye.

A grin crossed his face and he let it all fly.

So keep your head down when you walk on the street.

Or you'll find that you’re walking with crap on your feet.

You can scream, you can yell, you can curse ‘til you're blue.

But there's nothing that's worse then shit on your shoe.

Well there”s one thing I'm thinking is a terrible shame.

It's the people who’re thinkin’ that they're not to blame.

It's the guy with the innocent look on his face.

While his dog does what dogs do all over the place.

Now I think that these people are really uncouth.

They've never dealt with that moment of truth.

They might think it's funny, but how can you laugh?

When you’re draggin’ your foot for a block and a half.


So what can you do when you've heard enough talk.

‘bout making our sidewalks a safe place to walk.

We'd better do something or life will be hell.

We'll all be embarrassed and our feet will all smell.

We could find those pet owners who think it's a gag.

Have ‘em walkin’ around with a shovel and bag.

But just doin’ that would be takin’ a chance.

So let's round up them doggies and make ‘em wear pants.


No, there’s nothin” that’s worse than shit on your shoe

‘ceptin’ maybe barefoot.



released November 1, 2013
Music, lyrics, acoustic guitar and vocals by Alan Babbitt
Slide guitar by Phil Brown
Mastering by Dan Goodman



all rights reserved


Alan Babbitt Music California

"Alan Babbitt is a clever songsmith with some very original statements to make."
-- Ted Myers
- music biz veteran, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Broadjam pro reviewer

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